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GET WP Migrate DB Pro


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There are many reasons for which you need to migrate your WordPress Database to another Hosting Environment, these includes,

1. You are making your WordPress Website at LocalHost and finally, you want to host the website on Web Hosting to a domain, i.e. WordPress Website migration from localhost to web hosting.
2. You wish to migrate your website from One Hosting Provider to Another or Moving the Website to another Hosting, i.e. WordPress Website migration from one server to another server. 

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The WordPress Database migration is a tech skill task and it generally gets failed you you made any mistake during the migration process, and ultimately your website does not function well or breaks at points while running on a new host or domain. WP Migrate DB Pro gives you all features that you need to migration your website database, and that too in a very simple manner.

Install WP Migrate DB Pro on two or more WordPress sites and simply push/pull the database, media, themes, and plugins between those sites.

The plugin Download link will be sent to your Email ID within One Business Day.

NB: You will get the latest available version of the Plugin with us, which may not the latest release of the plugin.