GET Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics

GET Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics

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Tracking visitor behavior: Where people click, how long they spend on certain pages, and how that behavior differs by user type, demographic, referring source, and other user attributes.

Understanding visitor identity: Most tools can’t identify individuals, but they can identify companies, regions, and other vital information about website visitors that helps B2B companies market better to their prospects.

Measuring website analytics: This includes traditional website analytics tools and more advanced ones that can track the behavior of user cohorts, funnel analytics, and more.

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Website visitor tracking is the analysis of who your website visitors are, their geo-location, and who referred them, as well as the visitor’s behavior on your websites like the pages they view, the time spent on each page, or the number of visits.
When your business is up and running with a good website you need to track your website visitors.

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