WordPress Website Material Kits

Essential Kit Plan

Build a Website with Confidence (Single Project)

Who is it for? Business owners and creators comfortable with WordPress.

What’s included? Elements to build a professional, user-friendly website that reflects your brand and attracts customers.

Essential Kit Offerings:

  • Theme Selection:
    • Three best theme suggestions for your business category.
    • One suggested theme pack with two alternatives.
  • Theme Updates:
    • Updates for the included page builder, regardless of release date.
    • One future update for the chosen theme pack (if available).
  • Installation Support:
    • Next-day live chat installation assistance through the iCreate Program.
  • Project Timeline:
    • One week to complete your website project.

Pre-Production Resources:

  • Free Hosting: Dev, Test, and Live website instances.
  • Pre-Installed Theme: One theme with demo content on the Dev instance.
  • Downtime Monitoring: Free account for your live website.
  • Analytics Tool: Pro analytics tool integrated into your WordPress dashboard.

Professional Kit Plan

Develop Websites for Clients (Three Projects)

Who is it for? Developers working on client website projects.

What’s included? Advanced themes and plugins to create professional, functional websites for your clients.

Professional Kit Offerings:

  • Everything in the Essential Kit Plan (plus):
    • Three future updates for the chosen theme pack (if available).
    • Extended hours and same-day live chat support through the iCreate Program.
    • One-month project completion timeline for all three websites.
  • Security and Performance:
    • Pro security plugin with setup assistance (firewall enabled).
    • Advanced cache management plugin with setup assistance.
    • Pro image compression plugin (lossless output).
  • Community Support: Invitation to a Discord server for ongoing support.

Pre-Production Resources (Expanded):

  • Free Hosting: Two instances for development and testing.
  • Two Demo Instances: Pre-installed with demo content for customization.
  • Migration Support: Assistance moving your website from Dev to Production.
  • Hosting Optimization: Configuration for optimal website performance.
  • Live Website Optimization: Support for continued website speed improvement.
  • Advanced Analytics: Configuration of an advanced analytics tool for your live website.

Terms and Understanding

  • Resource Tutorials: Learn about the suggested themes and plugins on the @WPThemesIn YouTube channel.
  • Benefits: These resources streamline the design process and ensure it aligns with your business category. They are helpful for both beginners and experienced designers.
  • Theme/Plugin Licenses: The distributed themes and plugins have GPL licenses, allowing for further customization and development.
    • Important: Premium Keys and Licenses are not provided or shared.
  • Theme/Plugin Selection: WP Themes reserves the final decision regarding theme and plugin selection.
  • Refunds: There are no refunds for Kit Elements or processes like installation, demo content, or not meeting specific requirements.

Website Access:

  • Live Project Details: Share your domain name, hosting information, and website administrator access for maintenance and updates.
  • Pre-Production Hosting: A free account with shared credentials will be required.
  • Live Website Tools: Live website tools and deliverables are available upon project completion.
    • Note: You manage the final website deployment.
  • Replacement Requests: These are considered based on project timeline and resource availability.
  • Future Updates: Updates rely on availability in the GPL community. If functionalities become restricted, you’ll need to find alternative solutions.
  • Live Chat Support: This is for installation assistance only, not ongoing technical support.