WP Reset PRO- complete reset of your WordPress site in seconds

WP Reset PRO- complete reset of your WordPress site in seconds

Original price was: $ 6.24.Current price is: $ 1.61.

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Original price was: $ 6.24.Current price is: $ 1.61.

  • INR: ₹ 129.00

WP Reset lets you restore everything to default values without reinstalling WordPress or doing it all manually.

You can even reset or delete select portions of your site to debug or streamline in record time, including removing all those unused widgets that are slowing you down.

Get rid of all those pesky theme options and old content for a super fast rebrand.



Do a complete reset of your site in seconds, not hours!

Now that your site is all squeaky clean, it’s time to dress it up how you’ve always imagined.

Set up a development environment with Collections, a feature that lets you create a set of plugins and themes to bulk-install and activate from the cloud.

There’s no wandering around the WP store looking for your favorites, since you’ll have a set ready-made for any site.

WP developers will love how easy it is to get the design right, every time.

WP Reset is also prepared for life’s little whoopsie-daisies (or big whoopsie-daisies, depending on who you ask).

Take a Snapshot of the site to store a copy of the current version.

That way, you can easily return to a previous version of your site if clients are unhappy with changes or you simply liked your old version better.

You can also automate the saving process by letting WP Reset take a Snapshot depending on certain actions or time intervals.

These Snapshots are stored in WP Reset Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud, so you’ll always have a copy waiting for you.

The plugin Download link will be sent to your Email ID within One Business Day.

NB: You will get the latest available version of the Plugin with us, which may not the latest release of the plugin.