How To Show Multiple Products On ONE Page in Table Format with Filteration

How To Show Multiple Products On ONE Page in Table Format with Filteration

You own a WooCommerce Portal with different products listed on your website. 

You can really increase your eCommerce website sales if you can group products or you can show products on a single page to attract visitors’ attention on related or other products. 

Just imagine, if you are showing multiple WooCommerce products on a single page and that too with all options; like add to cart, increase the quantity, checkboxes for product selection from the list of products, compare and choose variations. It would be really a great UX for your website visitors. 

WooCommerce Product Table offers a quicker bird’s eye view of the products than a grid layout. Tables allow customers to quickly sort and compare along with columns which help with easier judgment and decision making. This leads to a better chance of landing a sale with the table UI. Also an advantage over competitors.

A table view lets customers apply to customize advanced filters over the products. Tables help connect customers to desired products much faster. Customers could navigate and scroll products quickly.

You are going to get additional features like;

  • 100% Responsive
  • Fast Search & Filtering 
  • Fast Load Speed
  • Variations Products
  • Easy Shortcode Use
  • Quick Order
  • Group add to Cart
  • Ajax Add to Cart
  • Quantities and Multiple add to cart
  • Beautiful and Amazing UI

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