How to Send WhatsApp & SMS OTP Notification for Login, Orders, Newsletters & Posts

How to Send WhatsApp & SMS OTP Notification for Login, Orders, Newsletters & Posts

How to Send WhatsApp & SMS OTP Notification for Login, Orders, Newsletters & Posts | Automatic Notification Triggers 

Now you have a solution to send WhatsApp and SMS notifications to your customers from your WordPress Website Dashboard, you can configure the SMS Prompts and Triggers throughout your WordPress Website, like contract forms, Elementor Pages, WooCommerce Checkout, or as you need! You can even use your own number for sending WhatsApp and your SMS Subscription. using the Mobile App. 

WPNotif, is the ultimate solution for sending SMS and WhatsApp notifications to your customers directly from your WordPress website dashboard. With WPNotif, you can easily configure SMS prompts and triggers throughout your WordPress website, including contact forms, Elementor Pages, WooCommerce Checkout, and more. This powerful plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to set up automatic notification triggers whenever your customers create a new order or when the status of their order changes.

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One of the standout features of WPNotif is its ability to utilize different gateways for different countries. This not only helps you reduce SMS costs but also improves deliverability. You have the freedom to choose the most cost-effective gateway or even use a combination of gateways according to your preferences.

In addition, WPNotif supports multi-lingual SMS templates, enabling you to create personalized messages in multiple languages. Why send the same generic message repeatedly when you can make each customer feel special by sending customized messages?

With WPNotif, you can also send WhatsApp message notifications alongside SMS or exclusively use WhatsApp messages if you prefer. The plugin features smart country code detection, automatically identifying and adding the country code if it’s not included in the mobile number field.

Here are some other notable features of WPNotif:

  • Multisite support: Manage notifications for multiple websites from a single dashboard.
  • Integration with 20+ SMS gateways: Choose the gateway that suits your needs best.
  • Quick manual SMS sending: Send SMS messages on the go.
  • Send SMS directly from the order page: Streamline your order management process.
  • GDPR compliant: Ensure data privacy and compliance.
  • Translation ready: Customize and translate the plugin to suit your language preferences.
  • Full WooCommerce support: Seamlessly integrate with your WooCommerce store.
  • Automatic WooCommerce order status update notifications: Keep your customers informed at every step.
  • Manually trigger order status SMS: Send updates when needed.
  • Multi-country support: Reach customers across different countries.

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