How to Set Order Customisation and Multiple Variation Selection Options

How to Set Order Customisation and Multiple Variation Selection Options

If you’re into creating custom PC setups, the WooCommerce Product Configurator is a must-have tool. It’s like the superhero for building pages where you pick and choose each part of your computer. Picture this: customers smoothly going through the steps of crafting their dream PC, selecting all the components they want. It’s not just incredible; it’s what the WooCommerce Product Configurator specializes in.

Now, let’s talk about the WooCommerce Product Builder. It’s like a trusty sidekick for your online store. This plugin supports your customers in building a complete product, starting from tiny parts and guiding them step by step. Think of it as your WooCommerce Product Configurator buddy, living on the WooCommerce platform. What’s cool is that it comes packed with handy features like compatibility checks, email notifications when the product is done, and easy attribute filters.

In simpler terms, these plugins are like magic tools for creating custom PCs. The WooCommerce Product Configurator helps customers pick and choose every part they want, making it a breeze. And the WooCommerce Product Builder? It’s like the friendly guide that walks them through the whole process, making sure everything fits together perfectly.

  • Step Prefixing: Quickly label each step using a fixed part and {step_number} shortcode.
  • Description: Add a page description for context (Classic template only).
  • Default Sorting: Sort items by Title A-Z, Title Z-A, Price low to high, Price high to low, or Sort by latest.
  • Child Categories: Display products in child categories.
  • Select Multiple Products: Allow adding more than one product in each step.
  • Quantity Field: Enable customers to choose product quantity.
  • Preview Button Always Shows: Allow preview from any step.
  • Add to Cart Always Shows: Decide if add to cart button displays only in the final step.
  • Remove All Buttons: Display a remove all button.
  • Search Product Form: Enable AJAX search form.
  • Product Required for Each Step: Customers must select a product in previous steps to proceed.
  • Out of Stock Products: Display out-of-stock products.
  • Hide Zero Price Products: Hide products with zero prices.
  • Remove Product Title Link: Clicking on product title won’t redirect to single product page.
  • Products Per Page: Set the maximum number of products per builder page.

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