How to Create Buy One Get One Free Promotion at WooCommerce Store

How to Create Buy One Get One Free Promotion at WooCommerce Store

How to Create Buy One Get One Free Promotion at WooCommerce Store | WooCommerce Promotions and Gifts 

To add a Buy One Get One Free promotion to your WooCommerce store, follow these simple steps. Firstly, ensure that you have the necessary plugins installed, such as the BOGO extension for WooCommerce. Once installed, configure the settings to suit your requirements. You can create unlimited promotions and choose to combine multiple offers or prioritize one over the others.

Next, determine the scope of the promotion. Decide whether it should apply to specific products, product categories, or all items in your store. Additionally, set the minimum amount customers need to spend to qualify for the offer. This helps boost sales and encourages customers to purchase more.

You can also set limits on the number of times a user can use the promotion to manage inventory and control costs effectively. Furthermore, tailor the promotion to specific user roles, like wholesalers, if needed. Use the scheduling feature to set start and end dates for the promotion, ensuring it runs for the desired duration. To make it easily visible, use the included shortcode to display the eligible gifts after the cart or on any page.

It’s worth noting that the Buy One Get One Free promotion is an effective strategy to clear out inventory, generate more cash, and entice customers to make additional purchases. With the right configuration and compatibility with translation plugins like WPML and Polylang, you can implement this enticing offer seamlessly on your WooCommerce store.

  •     Unlimited promotions: Create as many offers as needed.
  •     Combine or prioritize promotions: Merge or prioritize multiple offers.
  •     Selective application: Apply promotions to specific products, categories, or all items.
  •     Set minimum spending: Define the qualifying amount for the offer.
  •     Usage limits: Control how many times users can benefit from the promotion.
  •     Custom promotions for user roles: Tailor offers for specific user groups.
  •     Scheduled promotions: Set start and end dates for each offer.
  •     Convenient display: Showcase eligible gifts using a shortcode.
  •     Translation plugin compatibility: Works seamlessly with WPML and Polylang.

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