How to Logout All Logged In Users | Reduce CPU Uses of a WordPress Website

How to Logout All Logged In Users | Reduce CPU Uses of a WordPress Website

At times when your WordPress website is up and running, you might be getting security challenges. There might the slow loading issues, high use of CPU, and Spam Comments and emails from your website. It becomes difficult for you to trace the reason for such unwanted activities on your website.

It becomes integral for you to maintain the security of your website. Most of us use the shared hosting for WordPress Websites and there are always limited resources allotted by the hosting provider for our website in terms of CPU, Memory, and IO uses. If you are getting alerts from the hosting provider that your website is using high resources, consider enhancing the security of your website.

Logged-in users can be a security threat to your WordPress website, and if multiple users and bots are logged in to your website unnecessarily, your website is going to slow down and it also starts using high CPU. There are simple steps through which you can log out all the logged-in uses in one go and enhance the security and performance of your website. Watch the complete video and follow the steps at least once a month, specifically if you are running a WooCommerce website. It is a simple and effective technique to get rid of unauthenticated logged-in at your website.

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