Spam Protection, reCaptcha Alternative | Cloudflare Turnstile

Spam Protection, reCaptcha Alternative | Cloudflare Turnstile

Must Have Security AddOn for WordPress Websites | Spam Protection, reCaptcha Alternative | Cloudflare Turnstile

You now have a fully functional WordPress website for your company, complete with an eCommerce feature.

Once your website is up and running, you start getting traffic on it, and the traffic on your website helps you generate more business.

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Have you ever thought about the security of your WordPress website? There might be bots accessing your website forms and posting spam comments and registrations, consuming your server bandwidth, and making your website slow and even unusable for real visitors. 

You will, of course, allow human visitors, and there is no need to authenticate the actual visitors to your website. 

reCaptcha from Google is a widely used spam protection tool for websites. Visitors and bots need to solve the captcha for certain activities on websites. If you want to configure reCaptcha on your WordPress website, you need to create API keys that may be paid in some instances, and you may even need to buy an additional plugin. 

This video demonstrates the best free alternative to reCaptcha for protecting your WordPress website from spam and unauthorised access. 

Turnstile is an authentication and access control tool that allows website owners to set up customizable login pages and authentication workflows for their sites, and can also integrate with other Cloudflare services like Access and WAF to provide additional layers of security.

reCAPTCHA, on the other hand, is a tool designed to prevent automated bots and spam on websites. It uses a variety of techniques to determine whether a user is human or not, such as analyzing mouse movements and other user behavior and can help prevent various types of spam and abuse.

Cloudflare Turnstile can be integrated with WordPress websites to provide customizable login pages and authentication workflows. This can be done by configuring the Cloudflare Access plugin for WordPress, which allows you to restrict access to your WordPress site and its content using Turnstile’s authentication features. Once configured, users will be prompted to log in to access the site or its content, and you can also set up additional security policies using Turnstile’s features to ensure secure access to your WordPress site.

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