WooCommerce Photo Reviews Plugin

WooCommerce Photo Reviews Plugin

WooCommerce Photo Reviews – Review Reminders Plugin

WooCommerce Photo Reviews Extension Plugin is an ultimate review plugin for WooCommerce which helps you to send review reminder emails, allows customers to post reviews include product pictures, and send thank you emails with WooCommerce coupons to customers.

  • Send review reminder emails asking customers to review their purchased products.
  • Allows customers posting reviews include product pictures.
  • Send thank you email with a coupon code when a customer review is published.

The plugin WooCommerce Photo Reviews allows your customers to post pictures along with their product reviews. This feature will help you to create a social proof of your product and increase the conversion rate.

  • Photo review: The plugin allows customers to attach pictures to reviews and display those pictures along with the review on the front-end.
  • Maximum picture size: Set a maximum picture size that customers can attach to their reviews.
  • Maximum picture quantity: Set a maximum picture quantity that can be attached to a review.
  • Photos required: Reviews must include a picture in order to be uploaded.
  • Display by time: Select to display the newest or oldest review first on the front-end.
  • Review Filter: Filter reviews by rating, contain pictures.
  • GDPR compliance: The plugin will display a message and a checkbox at the review form that allows customers to agree to share the review on your page.
  • Ajax pagination: Allow customers to move to the next reviews without reloading the page.
  • Verified badge: Display verified buy badge on reviews from customers who purchased the product.

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