School Management System from WordPress Dashboard | Manage Complete School Operation

School Management System from WordPress Dashboard | Manage Complete School Operation

School Management System from WordPress Dashboard | Manage Complete School Operation with Multi-Level Access

In the rapidly evolving world of education, efficient management systems are crucial for schools to streamline their administrative tasks and enhance productivity. With the School Management System WordPress plugin, educational institutions can now enjoy a rich dashboard with analytics and a wide range of powerful features designed to meet their specific needs. This comprehensive plugin encompasses various modules, including the Admin, Student, Teacher, Parent, Subject, Class, Grade, Attendance, Message, Notice-Event, Transportation, Hall List, Holiday, Migration, Payment, Reports, Admission, Exam, Homework, Hostel, Fees Payment, Library, and Custom Fields modules. 

The Admin module serves as the backbone of the system, providing school administrators with full control over the entire management process. It allows them to effortlessly manage and oversee various aspects such as user roles, system configurations, and data security. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, administrators can easily navigate through the system and access the necessary information with just a few clicks. The Student module revolutionizes student management by facilitating seamless student registration, admission, and information updates. It enables schools to create detailed student profiles, including personal information, academic records, attendance history, and more. This module also allows for efficient management of student class routines, exam schedules, and homework assignments. Additionally, the plugin empowers teachers to generate student mark sheets in PDF format, providing a convenient and professional way to share academic progress with students and parents.

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School Management System Plugin for WordPress is an ideal way to manage complete school operations. The system has different access rights for Admin, Teacher, Student, and Parent.

The School Management plugin provides several additional features in addition to the ones already included in the base program. It allows schools to manage multiple schools and entities simultaneously, faculty and staff members, student sections, exams, invoices, and expenses, as well as a notice board for students to look up articles that are required for them to read.

WP School Management System Module List:

  • Rich Dashboard with analytics
  • Admin Module
  • Student Module
  • Teacher Module
  • Parent Module
  • Subject Module
  • Class Module
  • Grade Module
  • Manage Marks
  • Attendance Module
  • Message Module
  • Notice-Event Module
  • Transportation Module

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