How to create a custom login screen for WP Website

How to create a custom login screen for WP Website

Do you want to create a custom WordPress login page for your website?

If you run a WordPress membership site or an online store, then many of your users will often see the login page. Customizing the default WordPress login page allows you to offer a better user experience.

In this video, we will show you how to create a custom WordPress login page. You can also use this tutorial for creating a custom WooCommerce login page as well.

WordPress comes with a powerful user management system. This allows users to create accounts on eCommerce stores, membership websites, or on a blog.

By default, the login page shows the WordPress branding and logo. This is fine if you are running a small blog, or you are the only person with admin access.

However, if your website allows users to register and log in, then a custom login page offers a better user experience.

Using your own logo and design makes your users feel at home. Whereas redirecting them to the default WordPress login screen which looks nothing like your website may look suspicious to your users.

Lastly, the default login screen does not contain anything but the login form. By creating a custom login page you can utilize it to promote other pages or special promotions.

Use the illustrated plugin for creating a custom login screen for your WordPress website.

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