How to Manage WooCommerce Store from Frontend User Account

How to Manage WooCommerce Store from Frontend User Account

Sure thing! WooCommerce Frontend Manager (WCFM) is a powerhouse for managing your multi-vendor store on WordPress with WooCommerce. With a sleek and intuitive frontend dashboard, vendors get a user-friendly interface to handle their shops effortlessly. From product management to order fulfillment, WCFM ensures a seamless experience.

Firstly, product management becomes a breeze with WCFM. Vendors can easily add, edit, or remove products directly from the front end. The intuitive interface allows for hassle-free uploading of product images, setting prices, and managing inventory. This ensures that vendors have full control over showcasing and selling their products without needing backend access.

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Secondly, order management is simplified through WCFM. Vendors can process and fulfill orders directly from their frontend dashboard. This includes updating order statuses, tracking shipments, and handling customer communication. The plugin streamlines the entire order fulfillment process, empowering vendors to efficiently manage their sales pipeline without diving into the complexities of the backend.

Lastly, communication is key in any marketplace, and WCFM excels in this aspect. The direct messaging feature allows vendors to interact with customers seamlessly. This not only enhances customer service but also builds a direct relationship between vendors and buyers. With WCFM, vendors can handle customer inquiries, provide support, and address concerns—all from the front end, creating a more engaging and responsive shopping experience.

  • Diverse Product Management: Create and manage a variety of products, from Simple to Subscription and more.
  • Communication and Support: Enhance customer interaction with Enquiry, Ticket, and Followers modules.
  • Extended Functionality: Enjoy features like Email Verification, Shipment Tracking, PDF Invoices, and Bulk Stock Manager.
  • Efficient Vendor Administration: Streamline vendor operations with Groups, Staffs, and Article modules.
  • Interactive Features: Facilitate communication via Message/Chat Board, Notifications, and Direct Messaging.
  • Product Customization: Control product specifics like Categories, Tags, and Custom Taxonomies.
  • Order Oversight: Manage orders comprehensively, update status, and access detailed reports.
  • Coupon Control: Create, edit, and manage coupons with usage restrictions.
  • Advanced Reporting: Utilize detailed sales, product, and coupon reports for insights.
  • Convenient Editing: Administer products easily from anywhere in your store using Quick Edit.

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